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How do you get the best out of people?

Leaders Lane is an Executive Coaching and motivational boutique. We offer coaching and guidance for leaders and emerging leaders.

We know how to help you as a business leader get unstuck, unlock your potential, use your biggest asset, you and the resources around you to get desired results.

We listen and help you understand the strategy, focus on your strength to maximize results in the most natural and second to nature way for you. At Leaders Lane, we also provide connections, advice, resources to help you get what you need.


How We Help

We have several programs that  can help you grow and advance in your personal and professional life.

Introductory Entrepreneur Package (IEP)
Millenial Champion
Millennial Champion

Looking for someone to anchor that event or speak at that conference?

Leaders Lane is expert on various subject matter such as Positive Psychology, Strength Finders, Leading with Love, The Human Condition, Succession Planning, Humility in Leadership, Millennial Champions (the power of Millennials)

Podcast: Conversation with Friends by Leaders Lane

Meet Abimbola Akintolayo

Omowumi Abimbola Akintolayo, Principal executive officer for Leaders Lane is a passionate leader. As a child, my parents always found it fascinating (to be honest a little worrying) how much I was able to command the attention of several kids at the same time, not because I was doing anything special, but just being myself.



Ronke Faleti

Founder and creative director @ korédé

As a leader/solo founder of a start-up, so many things fall on your shoulders and at times, prioritization of the right things isn’t so clear. My work with Leaders Lane and the on-going accountability built into the engagement has been a driving force for me to focus on the right things at the right time in order to achieve my goals. Being busy and being effective are not congruent. Because of Leaders Lane, and specifically the challenges and follow-up from Abimbola, I can achieve effectiveness!


Lola Durosaro

Founder & CEO, The Girl Within

“As a serial-preneuer, I desperately needed a coach that could really help me reel in my thoughts and help me develop a plan and concrete actions around my vision in order to execute them effectively.  Leader’s Lane did just that and more.  Abimbola’s thought leadership combined with her passion to see others succeed in addition to her energy and authenticity are unmatched. Each coaching sessions were tailored to my specific needs even if it meant focusing on my mental health and overall well being. Abimbola understands that truly great leadership always starts on the inside. More than that, Abimbola is a master of helping people discover and cultivate their innate leadership potential through advice that is warm, practical and profound.  Conversations with her are engaging and you walk away fully knowing and believing that you can achieve your goals.”

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The Girl Within

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