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Abinbola Akintolayo

Abimbola Akintolayo is a thought leader, motivational speaker, and self-awareness enthusiast. She has over 15 years of experience in organizational leadership, team development, and professional mentorship to help people become the best versions of themselves.

With a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas and an M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from St. Mary’s University, Abimbola profoundly understands what makes a person tick. As a result, she strives to help each person become more in tune with their strengths and potential.



She believes that knowing oneself and leveraging one’s power to its full potential will transform
one’s business, career, family, and relationships. Through her speaking and coaching, she has
effectively helped individuals live fully and practice gratitude while knowing their value and
achieving their purpose. She provides a roadmap to success in the workplace, business building,
and finding contentment in personal relationships.

In her work, Abimbola specializes in catalyzing multi-talented creators who are stuck in imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis to take practical steps to get started. After over a decade of experience creating strategies for companies to more effectively mobilize their staff and creating dozens of specialized training materials, she is uniquely capable of identifying the problem areas in your life and business and fixing them at their source. 

She has mentored and trained dozens of professionals to step into more remarkable achievement, more fruitful success, and a more fulfilling lifestyle. She has a keen psychologist eye to understand the why and a powerful business
mindset to create a tactical plan of action for the how. This rare combination is what sets her apart from other coaches. She ensures an outcome that makes you feel your best while performing
your best.


Abimbola has been invited to speak at universities, non-profits, book releases, and conferences across the country. With significant influences like Adam Grant, she has been resourced by industry leaders to be an expert in the personal development and workforce improvement niche. Book her today for your next conference or workshop on self-awareness,
conflict management, business ideation, career development, interview preparedness, lifestyle coaching, or generational development in the workforce. Her motivational presence and transformational results speak
for themselves!



Topics I Speak on:


Self Awareness:

Understanding the Self to Unlock Your Full Potential


Conflict Management:

Slaying the Elephant in the Room


Millennial and Gen Z Champions:

The Future of the Workforce


Leadership Development:

From Manager to VP (My road map)


Business Ideation and Goal Setting


Career Development and Interview Preparation


Networking Leadership and Executive Coaching

Offerings and Rates

1 HOUR Workshop/Facilitation

$ 500-750 /session

Keynote Address

A 45-60 Minute motivational, inspirational and transformational address. This is an energizing and exciting time with the speaker that will motivate and transform the audience's experience, through true storytelling and tips for life goal improvement

$ 2500-7000 /Session

Half-day workshop/Seminar

$ 2000-3500 /Session

Full-Day Seminar

$ 4500-8000 /session

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